Childhood intelligence x Gr_und

Objekte Vol.1

Childhood intelligence x Gr_und Galerie present

“Objekte Vol.1”, on the 3.rd & of December 2022, Berlin. A collaborative international group show presenting 17 artists and various other artisans & craftspeople. A collective gathering to discover and adventure into the world of the imagination through live creations, music & soundscapes, printed matter, apparel capsules, ceramics, tufting, screen printing, embroidery and other happenings. Thematics as technology, ancient tradition, nature, graffiti and animation are displayed through various minds and techniques.

Gr_und Galerie - Seestrasse 49 - Berlin Weddding

Group Show:

Maholo / @ma.holo
Kana Ueda / @anauea
Mudwig / @mudwig
Miles Schuler / @milesschuler
Stewart Armstrong / @stewart_armstrong_
Alsino Skowronnek / @alsinoskowronnek
Ryoji Homma / @ryoji_homma
Julia Adolphs /
Alexis Jamet / @alexis_jamet
Jack Lloyd / @lookingforloot
Duncan Passmore / @brown_gold_
Santiago Romero / @skaparomero
Zu Kalinowska / @_z___u
Damien Sayer / @streets_of_acheres
Valentina Schumacher / @valentinasschumacher
Michel Santos / @mimi_aka_carlos
Anna Wiget / @lapulasercat

Live Performance by:

Brainwave Neurosphere Live by Masahiro Kahata
Dj Immortal Experimental Live
Otis & Intheismah Cassette Hybrid Live Jam
Satoko Hatayama Live Ikebana Performance
Live Tufting by Valentina Schumacher

Arts, Crafts & Printed Matter:

Lodown Magazine & Makin’Paper Zines
C.C.P. Apparel, Prints & Publications
Childhood Intelligence Discography, “Bleeps & Bloops” Capsule Collection
Korean / Japanese Rare Deadstock & Curated Vintage by Childhood Intelligence
Fieldink Studio 4-Screen Live Printing with Screens by Stewart Armstrong, Maholo &     Lookingforloot (Bring your own Clothes & Choose a Screen)
Tattoo by 28Mania & Friends
Blumi Rings by Mana Komiyama
Ceramics by Elena Cheprakova & Inaya Ceramics
Reishi Sculptures by Berlin Mushroom Initiative


Childhood Intelligence Objekte Vol. 1 Compilation

Music By:

Lucy Cook
Sabrina Rodeo
Jonas Köksal
Ika & Ushrenko
Thought Machine

Records By:

Kimchi Records
Childhood Intelligence

C.C.P. aka. Childhood, Calm & Punk
Tokyo - Berlin Est. 2020