Copycat Club

Death To The Copycat Club

Handmade synths and dreamy, seductive vocals...

Copycat Club has released the single 'Fall' featuring Azzurra, ahead of the release of his debut album 'Death To The Copycat Club' later this month.

The album is a reflection on impressions of Berlin and Germany, after emigrating from rural Italy. Astoundingly the majority of the record was created by hand-built synths by Diego Parravano himself (real name of Copycat Club), in his home studio. It sounds like retro German synth electronic music meeting Brit-Pop.

The album becomes a 360 degree all encompasing art project, entirely self produced utilising the help of many friends and his lover, photographer Marta Gobbi to bring it all together. Truely an accomplishment for the world of DIY, self published art.

The album features 11 videos that will be screened on June 25th at Glogauair, in Berlin.