Coral Morphologic

miami colours

Who would’ve guessed that things on the very opposite ends of the spectrum are actually linked - such as corals and Miami City? Coral Morphologic is a crew of two guys, at once scientific and artist, based in Miami that focus on the similarities between the subtropical coral reefs and the city itself.

Through film, multimedia projects and specific artworks between the aquaculture laboratory and the Miami River, Colin Foord and Jared McKay explore the visionary potential of living coral reed organisms with stunning images. Their passion and knowledge as biologists for corals allowed them to discover the Art in it, which then gets people in sensitized in terms of biodiversity and keeping the natural environment of Miami.

For instance, Coral Morphologic took part of the huge Miami Art Fair in 2014 by projecting large-scale on the facades of buildings, as well as exposing their ideas in several art galleries via photographs and videos. Yet, what makes the group’s work so unique is that their research allowed them to find new coral species and to provide much more information about this specific ecosystem largely understudied - such as revealing that corals are fluorescent. The pair discovered by snorkelling among the clog of underwater detritus that a sewage-enveloped had grown along the seawall protection boulders of the city; so the native marine life managed to adapt to its deteriorating conditions. They called it the “urban corals”.

Through their psychedelic miniature underwater paintings and general visual stimuli, Foord and McKay managed to be listened to by the local authorities as well, with the result that they successfully helped to bring an end to David Beckham’s project to create a soccer stadium in a former port and thus fill it with concrete.

Indeed, their narrative with photographs, videos and even music (made with the amazing coral sounds and noises from inside the lab – recently released online) they shifted from artists to activist.

The movie, directed by John McSwain and shot by Jake Burghart, is a half-hour documentary made for the Creators Project and gives you an excellent insight look into the Coral Morphologic story and their fight to highlight the urban corals of Miami.

Just enjoy and relax.