HVW8 Gallery Berlin

HVW8 Gallery Berlin is pleased to present ON THE CORNER,
a group exhibition featuring artists:

Clemens Behr, Alex Flach, Monja Gentschow, Christian Hoosen, John Kleckner, Thomas “Marok” Marecki, Nikita Teryoshin, Filippos Telesto and 44 Flavours

Curated by Manuel Osterholt

Opening: Friday, June 25, 2021, 5–9pm
Exhibition: June 26 – August 20, 2021

With the group exhibition ON THE CORNER, HVW8 Gallery Berlin celebrates re-engaging with our community and the city itself with a show of paintings and photographs from artists living in the capital. Select works from the artists’ most recent series are shown together for the first time. In dealing with an ever changing cityscape over the past year, from artist studios being pushed to outer areas of the city to dealing with creating in isolation, artists living and working in Berlin processed this new reality in ways unique to the city.

Please note:
Masks required indoors with 10 people at a time max due to health and safety protocols.

HVW8 Gallery Berlin, Linienstraße 161, 10115 Berlin

Clemens Behr
Born 1985 in Koblenz, lives and works in Berlin. Clemens Behr graduated in graphic design from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund and studied fine arts sculpting at the Berlin University of the Arts. His work can be defined somewhere between design and sculpture and is influenced by graffiti and skateboard culture.

Alex Flach
Born in 1974, Alex Flach lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In the mid-90’s he discovered street photography as a medium with which to document his experiences.

Monja Gentschow
Born, lives and works in Berlin, Monja Gentschow studied at Kunsthochschule Weißensee and UDK. Since 2008 she has worked as an artist and illustrator. She is creating the complete visualidentity of the Berlin based music label Keinemusik.

Christian Hoosen
Born 1981 in Verden, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. In Christian Hoosen’s multi-layered works, the viewer’s eyes get lost in a complex field of radioactive debris from consumer culture. Fragments of an overused pop aesthetic collide in both figurative and abstract representations, occasionally opening up fantastically dark pictorial worlds.

John Kleckner
Born 1978 in Iowa, USA, lives and works in Berlin. John Kleckner has devoted 15 years to drawing. His name has become synonymous with paper-based technical perfection that is as graceful as it is inscrutable. An elegant interplay of dynamic lines, myriad dots and subtle shading invades the carrier of mostly modest size. Frequently executed in simple ink or graphite, occasionally in gentle watercolor.

Thomas “Marok” Marecki
Born 1972, lives and works in Berlin. Thomas Marecki is an artist and visionary graphic designer and magazine publisher of the infamous Lodown Magazine.

Nikita Teryoshin
Based in Berlin, Nikita Teryoshin was raised in St. Petersburg, Russia and then moved to Dortmund, Germany where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. He describes his work as
street, documentary and everyday horror.

Filippos Telesto
Born 1979 in Athens, Greece, lives and works in Berlin. His artistic and creative influences are drawn from a never-ending dialogue between his close entourage of friends, family, fellow artists and surroundings. His portfolio of work, satirical and philosophical, is deeply influenced by the history of art and its contextual placement as seen through the spectrum of sociological and anthropological theories.