DJ Stylewarz


On the occasion of DJ Stylewarz's 30-years anniversary, G-SHOCK and Cleptomanicx are celebrating his oeuvre with this special package! Only 30 watches / boxes are made and include a cap, T-Shirt and matching GA-100CF-8AER G-SHOCK with the strobe dots design. 

DJ Stylewarz has been active since the mid eighties, founded No Remorze and earned his name as dj and producer.

The design is inspired by the strobe dots from direct drive turntables as the Technics 1210. The dots on the side of the platter are supposed to "freeze" on certain pitch positions (-3.3%, 0%, 3.3%, +6%) and allow you to check how precisely the deck is spinning.

We're able to raffle one of these limited sets. Go and get your box by writing to bug (at) and "Stylewarz" as the subject matter. Deadline: 30th of November.