volcom capsule & art show

Watch out for this upcoming nine piece capsule collection designed by Don Pendleton for Volcom. On this occasion the Volcom skate team has been personally invited up to Jeff Ament’s (Pearl Jam bass player) house in Montana to skate his private concrete bowl and to hang with Don & the team. 

Fotos of Rune Glifberg, Louie Lopez, Pedro Barros & Don Pendleton by ©ARTOFOTO

This get together highlighted the connection between punk-rock roots and the modern creative world. The collection is about DIY and the early days, so it had to be organic as a tribute to the way Don Pendleton started. 

As Don is no stranger to Lodown, he was able to sent us some personal words about the collection:

“A lot of times companies just seem to want your name and signature for a collaboration. With Volcom, there was a lot of dialogue about the direction and not only tying it in with the history of the company, but also my history in skateboarding and art. It was a genuinely fun process and one of those projects where the end results were way more interesting than just slapping a logo on a product.“

After his art show on the 17th in Bordeaux (flyer below), he is heading back to prepare a show opening at Artist's Republic in May. Other than that, Don is working on a lot of skateboard graphics again and and has a few fun projects like band artwork/posters (of Pearl Jam for example) lined up.