"one more try" video premiere

“One More Try” took the downright crew to 15 countries within the last 6 years while main occupations became side jobs when skateboarding was calling. The boys have a lot of passion for the crew sessions and invested their good share of blood, sweat and sleepless nights for the first full-length project. Mad Props to Marcus Bronst on the cam & cutting desk for following his own vision.

ONE MORE TRY featuring: Erik Groß, Tom Kleinschmidt, Christopher Schübel, Quirin Staudt, Phil Bräuer, Robert Geitel, Benjamin Blauert, Christoph Weiß, Marcus Bronst, Eric Fellenberg, Burkhardt Stöckigt, René Meyer 
1st of April, 8 pm @ UT Connewitz Leipzig
Release: September 2017

„When drive combined with skilled footwork and a good portion of fun come together and share the same fire it’s undoubtedly a downright great experience. Downright was founded by a tight crew of friends under the head of Eric Fellenberg in 2010. Christopher Schübel, Tom Kleinschmidt, Erik Groß, Benny Blauert, Robert Geitel, Phil Bräuer, Quirin Staudt and Christoph Weiß sweat a good portion of the seasons together making the brand what it has grown to be. Starting out with t-shirts and beanies, that are fair trade produced in Europe, downright is only sold at local skate shops to support the backbone of the scene. The profits are re-invested in tours and local projects to keep the wheel spinning…
Because you have to feel the wheel upon the asphalt all the way up your legs to your fingertips, rushing through your head while you experience that joyful freedom.“ Intro from the downright checkout in Lodown Magazine #83

Thanks to Erik Groß for the photo contribution.