Internationally recognized as a pioneer of West Coast hip hop who helped bring electro rap to the masses, Greg Broussard alias Egyptian Lover will return with a new album in the not too distant future via Egyptian Empire Records. Here's the Electro pharaoh in his own words:

"It was always a dream of mine to record an album with all uptempo Jams. A Greatest Hits of songs that are all brand new. My dream has now come true. I decided to title this album 1984 because that era of music was the best I ever heard. Drum machines, synths, robotic voices and effects. I also had to record it the right way. So I used the same Professional Studios I used on my first album "On The Nile" back in 1984. I used the same outboard gear, the same synths, the same mics, the same 808 (of course) and mirrored the same style and sound as my early recordings. For additional inspiration I repeatedly watched all the movies that came out that year and hung up pictures in my office to get the full effect. This has truly been a special project for me. It took time but only to make certain it was exactly what it should be. It is a culmination of my career thus far. Now it belongs to you! Enjoy as I take you simultaneously into the future and back to the past to 1984."