Element x Fluff

Marcel Veldman on the trigger

Element and Fluff were celebrating Halloween in Tokyo for the release of their latest collection.

We know Marcel Veldman for quite a while and are always looking forward to unpack the folder when he send his work through the data highway. This time was no different and again it was pretty hard to do a selection.. Enjoy the wild Tokyo ride packed with thrills and action.

Brandon Westgate, Nassim Guammaz and the Japanese Element deliver gnarly skateboarding all captured by Phil Zwijsen. Of course the crazy celebrations in the city jungle of Tokyo were thrown into the Mix to bring this  accompanying Video Clip alive.

If you’re living in Europe and are connected to skateboarding, Fluff Magazine should be on your radar! Fluff never took themselves too serious and released magazines randomly with a conceptual approach. Element Advocate, skateboarder and autodidact photographer Marcel Veldman + his partner, art director and owner of agency Vijf890 Marco Jongeneel are the driving forces behind the fluffy output.

The Element Fluff collaborative collection mixes lifestyle with skate, using photographic print patches on a series of blacked out tee shirts and fleeces.