groupshow berlin

The group show EVER SEEN NEVER SEEN at AKKURAT LABS is a groupshow exhibition, curated by Anna Redeker and presents works by:

Imre Bak, Thomas Bayrle, Norbert Bisky, Claudia Comte, Björn Dahlem, Hanne Darboven, FORT, Filip Henin, Verena Issel, Christof John, Bernhard Martin, David Prytz, Jon Rafman, Salvo, Andreas Schulze, Max Siedentopf, Anna Virnich, Fabian Warnsing, Nicole Wermers, Rose Wylie and Andrea Zittel.

The collective experience of the past year opens new perspectives on our world and the art arising from it. EVER SEEN NEVER SEEN therefore invites the viewer to take a fresh look at what is well known or what has been believed to be lost. The paintings, sculptures and installations morph between abstraction and figuration. They can be read in and against the context of the past year, and open an expanded network of references. Unresolved narratives and motifs of idyll and dystopia, mythical and everyday, entanglements of inside and outside, approaches to science and poetry are shown in a new light or with a shifted focus. Subtle compositions of materials and colors formulate abstract states, in which the existential upheavals of our present are unexpectedly mirrored.

Book a timeslot at AKKURAT labs  until 11th of July

Charlottenstrasse 2
10967 Berlin