Favourite FLicks 2016

dark days edition

2016 was a major bummer for many different reasons, but it has been a rather good year in terms of movies... so it's pretty annoying all the more so that I simply didn't find the time to watch all the films that actually were on my list. Anyway, here you have it, my personal top ten in no particular order whatsoever. The dark tone to it suits this year rather well, I'd say.

EVOLUTION by Lucile Hadzihalilovic / Mesmerizing and deeply haunting in equal parts, the long awaited sophomore feature to “Innocence“ feels like something we’re actually not supposed to see.

THE WAILING by Hong-jin Na / It’s a weird kind of genre-bastard, and even though it’s far from being a flawless affair, the film strangely enough is impossible to shake off for days to come.

GOAT by Andrew Neel / This swan song to dubious frat house/hazing traditions delivers an intense and overall depressing study of masculinity gone horribly wrong, and the effect random violence is forcing on the individual.

THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER by Brady Corbet / Probably the most fascinating, unique and overall complex film I’ve seen this year. Add Scott Walker´s viciously pounding score as a massive bonus to an already one-of-a-kind experience.

THE EYES OF MY MOTHER by Nicolas Pesce / It’s a a stunning expressionistic nightmare captured in striking b/w imagery - and basically this year’s holy grail in terms of arthouse horror.

WE ARE THE FLESH by Emiliano Rocha Minter / A transgressive Kammerspiel that turns into an ambitious and nasty lil’ mindfuck, whose final scene actually questions everything you’ve seen before just when you thought you’ve finally figured things out.

THE NEON DEMON by Nicolas Winding Refn / Refn continues his exploration of style, violence, technical mannerisms and beautiful surfaces with the latest addition to his overall polarizing oeuvre.

UNDER THE SHADOW by Babak Anvari / An Iranian ghost story with a flawless narrative, which manages to combine elements of World Cinema with (adult) horror and paranoia cinema to stunning effect.

THE WITCH by Robert Eggers / Really loved that the whole thing actually would be equally as good when you get rid of all the supernatural elements.

RAW by Julia Ducournau / It sometimes tries a bit too hard to be a difficult/transgressive watch, but nevertheless it’s a surprisingly original and exceptional take on exploring femininity.