more than just a chilling doc

A Tale Of The Miscarriage Of Justice.

“The Fear Of 13“ is Nick Yarris’ story as he spent over 20 years on death row in Pennsylvania. The biopic documentary depicts the events leading up to Yarris’ imprisonment, his time behind bars, and his psychological struggle as he copes with his ordeal.

Yarris was originally pulled over by a traffic warden - to which he responded very badly, leading to his arrest and consequently being charged with an unsolved rape and murder case.
The prison system in Pennsylvania is particularly harsh and outdated, it was developed by extremist religious Calvinist settlers, speaking is forbidden and doors are built small so you must bow to God as you enter every room. As if things couldn't get worse there is much animosity between the inmates, even murders, and the guards make them fight in cages for their entertainment, a pass time they refer to as ‘Gladiatoring’.

Sentenced to 105 years imprisonment, he began to go crazy, he decides to end the suffering and turns his efforts to reading and educating himself as much as possible. He felt his psychological health turn around as excitement and purpose flooded back into his life. Like everyone in prison Yarris claims to be innocent, yet ironically he begins to campaign for his own execution - so why would an innocent man request execution? “The Fear Of 13“ examines this thick plot of twists and turns, and takes us on the journey from Yarris’ imminent execution to his freedom once again.

The entire film features cut scenes between reanimated drama and an interview with Yarris, the drama scenes are narrated by the man who experienced every detail himself, which adds a sinister realism. The celebrated non-fiction film was realized by renowned director David Sington. Yarris wrote two books about his ordeal, “Seven Days To Live“ and “Seven Days To Love“. 8/10

“The Fear of 13“ will be released on DVD/VOD in Germany on June 10, 2016 via Universum Film. Check the trailer out below.