Notions of community in post-apartheid South Africa

“…imagine a community with as lose a form as you will -even formless: the only condition is that an experience of moral freedom be shared in common, and not reduced to the flat, self-cancelling, self-denying meaning of particular freedom”

J. Bataille, in Jean-Luc Nancy’s “ La communaute desoeuvree” (The inoperative community)

ON FIRE Photography Exhibition shows five South African photographers, focusing on a visual approach to black communities in urban Africa and various aspects of social life such as spirituality, identity, immigration, family and LGTBI life. People might associate the continent with bright and vibrant colour, but you should definetly come and see it through the eyes of these photographers.

Opening 23.10.2015 – 7pm 
@ Grimmuseum, Fichtestr. 2, 10967 Berlin 

Photo Exhibition 24.10. – 07.11.2015, 2-6pm
Artist talk: 24.10.2015 – 7pm, Curatorial walk: 31.10. – 4pm