Forward Festival 2017

creativity, design and communication

The 3city installment of Forward Festival for creativity, design and communication is happening again this year. The Forward Festival series for creativity, design and communication brings together some known international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their success stories in an exciting atmosphere.

The conference the centerpiece of the festival, taking place in Vienna, Munich and Zurich, is accompanied by various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions, networking events and after parties. The idea behind Forward is to create a festival where the creative community can exchange opinions, inspire and learn from each other. The core ambition is to bring each other’s ideas, projects and goals FORWARD.

Covering Vienna – Munich – Zurich its the only creative festival covering the whole German-speaking area. In 2017, for the first time ever, Forward Festival takes place in not only in Vienna and Munich, but also in Zurich. A further step towards internationalization is done by curating the whole program in English. In Munich, the festival will take place at the heritage-protected Alte Kongresshalle at the heart of the city. The retro-futuristic building with its impressive main hall and gallery is equipped with the latest technology, and is thus the perfect location for our festival.
In Zurich the festival will fill a very unique location with creative spirit: The FREITAG Factory @NOERD, where truck tarps usually get stripped down, cleaned and cut by hand, will be a meeting point for exciting personalities from the fields of creativity, design and communication.

This time, among others, the designer Stefan Sagmeister, the Messenger bag producers of Freitag or the one for their provocative brandings known Stockholm agency Snask gives visitors personal insights into their Work. From Munich, the design studio Moby Digg and the Editor of the Super Papers / Village Voice
Other speakers include Pfadfinderei, NYCHOS, Slanted, LWZ, Sofie // Boiler Room, Supersense, wild, Niklaus Troxler and Davide Bortot // A Color Bright. 
The Franco-German cultural broadcaster ARTE will participate with a talk.

Vienna: 21.–22.04.2017, MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts
Munich: 15.–16.06.2017, Alte Kongresshalle
Zurich: 17.–18.06.2017, FREITAG F-abrik @ NOERD

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