Fragments of Existence

Mühe and Bornstein

History and memory are omnipresent here. Already at the entrance to the exhibition one comes across a painting of Adolf Eichmann, the Organizer of the Holocaust. Right next to it, Andreas Mühe runs a kind Archeology of his own existence. In front of a black surface photo work a battered, hollow-eyed clay mask of his own face appears as if it were found centuries ago in an excavation site and next to it a historical one photograph of the staff of the Noack bronze foundry made in the years of its foundation in 1897. That is the place where the exhibition “Vladimir & Tarragon ”takes place.

The photographer Andreas Mühe and the painter Emmanuel Bornstein work in the same studio in the north of Berlin and are good friends. Now they are realizing the first time a joint exhibition at the Sculpture Forum Hermann Noack. Consisting of a follow up on Mühe’s project “Mischpoche", in which he moved his family to the Hamburger Bahnhof in 2019 with huge photographic tableaus gathering the dead, such as his Father Ulrich Mühe. For the first time, he is now showing porcelain sculptures that were created in this context. Bornstein provides a section of his alluring portrait cycle "Another Heavenly Day" supplemented by three large paintings from the series "Father figure". But the exhibition is anything but overloaded, because the two artists lay out reduced traces leave a lot open for very heterogeneous reflections. Just like that it is with Vladimir and Tarragon in the exhibition title. The twoTramps from "Waiting for Godot" may give various associations, for example the friendship of the artists or the origin from theater families that connects them, but at the same time the reference to the main characters in Beckett's play invites you to move forward and oszillate.

Fragments of  Existence

Vladimir & Estragon
Skulpturenforum Hermann Noack 
16. Mai bis 12. Juli 2020
15. Mai 2020 von 12-20 Uhr
Montag bis Freitag, 9 bis 15 Uhr 
und nach Vereinbarung unter oder 030343571671