Frank Gerwer

Straight To Floppy Disk

Frankie says: LIGHTEN UP!

Enjoy Frank Gerwer’s latest video part. The always entertaining character kickflipped Wallenberg as the first one plus is Anti Hero pro and hillbombing San Francisco for a couple decades.


“I’ll always get a little bit of anxiety before a hill. The hills might be OK, but there'll be three intersections that I have to cross, and, on one a bus goes through with no stop sign. It's always different. There's always different traffic and bicycles and new cracks in the road. There are, like, 20 different people in your brain doing the hill. One is looking for cracks. One is looking for traffic. Someone else in your head is watching for wobbles—don’t hit that reflector. It's like an anxiety attack that lasts for a minute, but at the same time it makes you sharpen up.”

“You can slide and try to sit it out, or [do] the Olympic stretch one, where you throw your back foot out and put the brakes on heavy. That one usually just makes your front foot stretch out so that it looks like you’re water skiing with one foot on the board and your other foot off—there's nothing conducive about it. I've never seen the running out work: It's going bad, so you take your back foot off and jump and your foot hits and then you take another step and it's around 40 feet before your foot hits the ground again, and then, for some reason, you can never jump off that second one, and your feet are just taking super fast steps—bwap, bwap, bwap, bwap, bwap—and then you're on your side with your arms scraping behind you trying to figure when everything went sour.”

Quotes are taken from his Ride Interview.