Summit station makeover

At an altitude of 2,252 metres and focal point of the skiing and snowboarding region of LAAX, the iconic Brutalist Crap Sogn Gion summit station has got a fresh makeover.

Parts of the over-fifty-year-old building were given a striking redesign for the 2018 winter season, with gastronomic services also improved. The building on Crap Sogn Gion which was often compared to a spaceship is setting off on unearthly adventures under the motto of ‘GALAAXY’. The redesign has given a new face to the spartan rooms and cold walls. But there’s still more to do. The next step is to thoroughly refurbish the building fabric in a forward-looking, structural and energetic way. ...But don't be be fooled by the outside look, the inside has a lot to offer as well, ‘The Heart’ is the beating centre of GALAAXY.

In this 360° restaurant with pink-coloured seating areas, fancy decorative items and plants hanging from the ceiling, you will find classic dishes such as minced meat with macaroni as well as urban, vegan cuisine such as the ‘Oriental’ salad. For a healthier meal, visit the ‘Beach House’ with its relaxed surf vibes. All kinds of juices as well as coffee and drinks are served here. You simply have to try to chilli orange juice, a truly other-worldly experience. ‘Radio GALAAXY’ in the centre of the restaurant provides supernatural sounds. Various DJs play their sets in this little wooden cabin and bring the mountain to life with exciting beats at the weekend. The music is also broadcast as a ‘web radio’ via the Inside LAAX app, so you can listen to it directly on your headphones. There is more to find out...