his dress shoe & “Jobs? Never!!”

"I have a large collection of dress shoes and we’re developing a shoe based on of my dress shoes, that fuses a dress shoe with an athletic shoe, but has more of a last of a dress shoe. It’s slimmer in the waist and goes pointier on the toe. This has been attempted before. In 2004 when I rode for Vans, I tried it for my third shoe. We tried to create a dress shoe of mine on an athletic sole, but it came out just looking like a sneaker. There is fine line of what you can and can not cross in order to still make it skate-able. We’re pushing that line I think. I stopped the shoe process twice, because it wasn’t looking right and we had to change the last a couple times. I think, we got it nailed now and have a perfect hybrid of a dress and skateboard shoe.  I’m tired of making my dress shoes off to go skateboarding haha. I wan’t to have just one pair of shoes, which I can wear and skate all day. And still being able to wear them afterwards." - Jim Greco Interview from the High Times by Lodown issue.

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