Hender Scheme

for adidas Originals

a timeless homage to three originals . handmade in Tokyo . undyed leather and replaceable soles

Ryo Kashiwazaki - founder of Hender Scheme - took the possibilities of a partnership one step further to re-imagine three classic silhouettes from adidas Originals in a handmade luxury adaption.
Sneakers are typically considered mass-produced footwear, designed by industrial designers, but Ryo's background goes along with the creation of a different type of product. Ryo began working in a shoe factory alongside studying psychology at university and then started work as a cobbler. He founded Hender Scheme in 2010, named with a playful twist after Sandra Bem’s “gender schema” theory. Hender Scheme proposes a concept which surpasses the "gender" schema based on society, but returns to the idea of "sex" based on one's appearance. The brand focuses more on the backgrounds and processes, rather than attempting to simply creating an appearance, ensuring a balance between mode and craft.
His Hender Scheme Homage is constructed manually and therefore will slightly differ from the original models he replicates. By the use of tanned leather, through craftsmanship and due to the wearing time – the shoes will age and morph, become unique, treasured to their owner and will remind the wearer of the craft of shoemaking. Available in Hender Scheme’s iconic pastel tone, the MicroPacer is stripped of its pedometer, the NMD has its BOOST™ midsole removed and the Superstar is elevated to an unique level of luxury. All handmade in Tokyo and available in extremely limited quantities, Hender Scheme replaces the original soles with a fully replaceable nail-in sole.