@ Hurley Surf Club opening

Beautiful San Sebastian aka Donostia is offering more than a very scenic city, perfect beaches and yummy tapas: Just a couple steps away from the surf beach Playa la Zurriola, Europe’s oldest Surf institution Pukas teamed up with Hurley to open the Hurley Surf Club. 

Pukas has earned a global reputation for its craft since shaping their first board in 1973 and was the number one choice for the HSC collaboration. The Hurley Surf Club aims to make surfing a fun experience for all levels with locations in San Sebastian, Hossegor (France), Newquay (UK), Long Beach, NY, Southern California (USA) and Australia. Surfing sessions will be followed by an in-depth video analysis review wave by wave to provide direct feedback. In-water coaching sessions, surf-specific training, Gym Workout and yoga sessions are part of the coaching package.

We had the pleasure to meet John John Florence at the opening, who is currently ranked first in the World Surf League Championship Tour and got more style and flow than your average surfer Joe. Besides the press conference we wanted to dig deeper into the two criteria:

Flow means for me just being completely in the moment and being more focused of what you are doing. Just being there, surfing around effortless and seamingless, no matter where it is.”

“There has been so many people with so much style and so many different styles. From Andy Irons to Tom Curren and Kelly Slater, they all had and have really good style.”

photography & video by 
Marchi Marchell