Jonathan Leder


The last twelve months in particular have been very busy for acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Leder, as he and his better half Amy Hood worked on several publications simultaneously, held celebrated exhibitions in Los Angeles, and put the finishing touches on the experimental film “Promiscuities”, which now can be purchased on his website.

The most recent release from his company Imperial Pictures comes in the form of “RITRATTI“ - a gorgeous new print publication featuring candid photos of (and insightful interviews with) eleven smart, sexy, influential women on the move. The roster of remarkable model hyphenates includes award-winning stylist Kate Young, youth advocate Eileen Kelly, fashion designer Julia Fox, art curator Anya Litvinova, media entrepreneur Sophia Rotas, and Destiny Sierra, head of the nonprofit Models for Compassion.

“All of the ladies were photographed on glorious Polaroid by Imperial Pictures co-founder Jonathan Leder, who wields his old-school instant camera with all the grace and finesse Andy Warhol once did. Leder’s bold, frank images reflect a level of trust with his subjects, suggesting a complex collaborative relationship that underpins each shot.

Alongside these sexy snaps come insightful interviews conducted by Amy Hood, Ritratti art director, actress, model and printmaker who herself graces these pages. Leder’s photos and Hood’s text and design make for the kind of stimulating read all too rare in these celebrity-obsessed times.“