Special Tribute to Cancel Culture's Mascot and most notorious, but reluctant inductee, Dave Chappelle

'Whereas, once Black Warrior and liberation icon, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, is transfigured now into a stammering Vax Lapdog, subserviently attacking any good and healthy athlete who might question what's injected multiple times into their body. Which, by the way, leaves Relevant Warrior, Kyrie Irving, dormant and Covid confused (like the rest of us) while his team is balling at the Barclays Center.

Whereas, Whoopi Goldberg is humiliated and benched for the first two weeks of Black History Month for WHAT!?...REALLY!?

Whereas, we stand AGAINST Lil Nas X's blatant exploitation of his sexual preferences, and adamantly believe the salacious, hyper- effeminate imagery contained in his decadent videos IS a menace to OUR society. (we really could care less who you love though..)

Resolved that this brief, but provocative video: JOSHUA JINN delves creatively into society's current proclivity to CANCEL without critical examination. The Blind have been leading The Blinder, and we want NO part of your malicious maelstrom. We, THE JOSHUA GENERATION, will NOT avoid the controversies of truth. NOR, will we be CANCELLED!!'