König Souvenir x MCM

@ miami art basel

The German luxury label MCM unites with Berlin’s KÖNIG SOUVENIR to present a rare Travel Edition of accessories in a s.h.r.n. DIY style. The collaboration launched as part of “The Magical Memory World Tour” lands at the art world’s most glamorous point of contact: Art Basel Miami Beach, the culture fair that has, over fifteen years, become the gravitational center of the art, fashion and money.

The Travel Edition debuted on December 6 with an intimate private pool party at the brutalist Sun Path House, a Miami landmark designed by the architect Christian Wassmann.

MCM and KÖNIG SOUVENIR fused aesthetic elements of Berlin chique with the lush, intoxicating beauty of Miami to create an iconic evening for the art world’s cross-continental jet set. Art, fashion, and music collide in a celebration of powerful women, underscoring KÖNIG GALERIE’s ongoing support of female artists, paying homage to MCM’s heritage in luxury travel since the 70’s as well as honoring the brave female leadership behind MCM.

The Adcampaign was directed by Berlin's David Malon and illustrated by Munich's writer Monty Richthofen.