Karhu experienced the woods to draw inspiration for the latest Aria release. Finnish birch (koivu) and juniper (kataja) trees are appreciated for their life sustaining properties and served the color themes for this release. 

Birch wood is highly flammable and able to catch fire even when wet and is often used by woodsman to spark fires. The “koivu” colors of light brown, tans and soft greys are accented with the blues and yellow of the spring months epitomize new beginnings and cleansing of the past. 

On the other hand the juniper tree curves and turns into unique shapes like a great journey and signifies the ability of staying true to oneself. For this spring release the blue and orange represent the berries while the green and tans portray the leaves and rich forest soil after the winter left. 


For the global release on February 25th both Aria variations are dressed in premium pigskin suede with 3M reflective details and sport the Fulcrum midsole.

Photo credit: Runnerwally