no gallery no master

The always surprising - yet fairly controversial - artist Kidult, has just released a pretty damn impressive video to accompany his “NoGalleryNoMaster“ and related “Exstinctor“ projects, in which he explains the ideas and motivations behind his global actions. Here's an artist statement taken from the NoGalleryNoMaster website:

“The  notion of capitalism is absent from my work. Selling my art allows me to fund free art and global actions, it is a closed loop system. I will hijack their codes and aesthetics in a damaging and harmful way, just like they did with graffiti. The “Exstinctor” propaganda project aims solely at destroying the notion of commodity.

Just like graffiti, my work is public, and not private. NoGalleryNoMaster was created so that we can choose and select how my work is sold and distributed, in accordance with very specific criteria. We will refuse any sale or collaboration involving galleries, institutions or any other for-profit artistic entities, which enables me to keep unrestrained artistic vision, independence and freedom. 20 black exstinctors will be painted exclusively (five pieces for each brandalizing), and will be sold directly via“

Do yourself a favour and check it out below.