at HVW8 Gallery Berlin

HVW8 Gallery Berlin is pleased to present a solo show by Kostas Seremetis by the name ‘SIGNAL’.

An aerosol Adventure of gratifications.
Mixing Pigments is Sorcery.
Painting is a Love Buzz.
Cartoons, and Comic book Characters are all strangers by nature.
Bart is Mischief.
Pink Panther is Philosophy.
Snoopy is a Healer.
One Signal to Modulate another Signal.


Kostas Seremetis (born 1972), lives and works in Hudson, New York. He has amassed an extensive body of work as a painter, designer, filmmaker, and sculptor. Having lived, worked and exhibited internationally, his evolving aesthetic approach continues to explore archetypes, popular culture and concepts of mythology in cross pollinated themes. In his compositions, by using existing/ready made images, the characters get stripped of their story and universe, thus changing the course of their narratives.  Seremetis has a terrific ability to synthesize and clearly explicate relatively complex material in a fairly simple and straight forward fashion.

Opening: Wednesday, March 16, 4–9pm
Exhibition: March 17 – April 16

HVW8 Gallery Berlin, Linienstraße 161, 10115 Berlin