KPM + Stefan Marx

"Porcelain is a diva"

"Porcelain is a diva," says KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel about the white material. 
KPM + contemporary artists and designers face up to this task and create extraordinary objects of art with a new perspective and their personal fascination for porcelain.
For KPM Berlin, the cooperation with
Stefan Marx marks the beginning of KPM +. During his visits to the Berlin manufactory, Marx was able to familiarize himself with the conscientious working techniques of KPM Berlin, to experiment and prove his virtuoso design talent on porcelain. 
Starting with T-shirt designs and the design of album covers, Marx quickly gained a reputation beyond his familiar skateboarding scene. 

With his drawings and provocative quotations he is today one of the best-known draughtsmen of the international art scene. The iconic URBINO series has particularly impressed Marx and he now designs it with his famous "Sundaayyyssss" motifs. The drawn dog embodies his personal aversion to Sunday, he fights against the lethargy of the day with his humorous drawings.