screening babylon berlin

"He's a martial arts master who refuses to fight. He's a Bruce Lee fan who's so sure he's Oriental that he eats popcorn with chopsticks. His friends think he's too serious. His family thinks he's crazy. His enemies think he's no challenge. But he knows he's The Last Dragon".

The martial arts comedy “The Last Dragon” was produced by Barry Gordon of Motown Records and released in 1985. In addition to humor and adventure, the film opened new dimensions in music, dance, and martial arts. Without previous acting experience Taimak was casted as Leroy Green and teaches "Chinese Goju", created by Taimak's instructor and close friend Ron Van Clief. The mystical energy that only an advanced martial arts master could radiate was called "The Glow". Whoohaa!

Lodown raffles two tickets for the screening with Q&A on the 21st of October, 8pm at Babylon Berlin. 

Be quick and send us your favorite martial arts expression or quote here to win. Good luck!