LDWN Podcast 03

Cali Thornhill DeWitt

The third episode of Lodown’s new podcast series “The Lodown Chronicles - Meet Your Maker“ sees a laid-back conversation between Marcus Ludwig and LA-based  multidisciplinary artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt.

Never not working: Creating subversions of the American flag. Being a roadie for grunge royalty. Running a publishing house. Doing radio. Exhibiting worldwide. Actually, his creative endeavors are too numerous to list, but it’s safe to state that the collaboration with Abloh and Kanye a few years back was definitely the moment that catapulted his name into the mainstream consciousness. And as diverse as his work might appear on first impression, basically everything DeWitt is doing is deeply rooted in West Coast counterculture and punk-DIY subversion before it’s finally refined through his very own dark humour.

Since traveling safely still feels like a distant fantasy these days, we had to reach out to the fabulous Mr. DeWitt via Zoom a few weeks back instead - hope you don’t mind the occasionally funky recording quality this implies.