Lodown presents: RED WALL

episode 1: goat simulator

Goat Simulator offers you a small but adventure packed town for you to craft udder havoc.

Entering the game you stand four-legged in a field with your buddy. As soon as you take control, fence panels begin to fly, people scream in fear and objectives pop-up on screen. This game isn't about conquering objectives though, they're put in place to aid you in finding a glitch thats funnier than the last, and to unlock new abilities. 
One such ability is granted when you sacrifice several people within a blood drawn pentagram up in the hills. You then become the dark lord of goats, granting you certain abilities that only the dark lord of goats may possess, such as volatile flight and to summon dead goats.

The environment itself hosts a wealth of entertaining obstacles for you to master, such as strategically placed trampolines where you can practice your acrobatics (backflips and all), houses with powerful exhaust fans that will blast you across the town and many explosive artefacts to be placed amongst groups of people and detonated. 

If you weren't sold on the title of the game alone, hopefully the opportunity to hang glide as a goat will be enough to warrant your €10 on Steam.