Logsaw Meat meets Tadej Vaukman


What you see is a collaboration between Tadej Vaukman and Logsaw Meat. Vaukman is a radical photographer. He is wild, tattooed up, and he loves trashy pictures. He just released his new zine “Breakfast” that he will present in Berlin at the Bright Tradeshow (8.7 – 10.7).

The legend will be terrorizing our city until July 18th, so keep your eyes open… you might see him wandering around. On the other hand, we have Logsaw Meat, a skateboard company that started more as a joke and is now in full bloom. Since their beginning, Logsaw Meat have always been eco friendly. Everything is made by hand. Their recycling oriented philosophy landed them to reused second hand skateboards to transform them into new ones and create their own original boards.

But what could possibly make a skateboard company and a wild photographer/zine master collapse? The Logsaw x Vaukman colab started at a party as a random idea. What was first a joke, then evolved and became serious. “Just say how many boards you need, and just do whatever you want with them, make them yours!” Those were the wisdom words that seal the deal.