Lucia Cadotsch

speak low renditions release & raffle

A while back we had the chance to get deeper with Julian Sartorius and Frans Petter of Lucia Cadotsch diving into the state of jazz, improvisations and of course the Speak Low Renditions record. Check out the - just released - record below or get an awesome tape version to rock it on your old stereo system. The cassette is limited to 200 copies, comes with 12 postcards, a pen to roll the tape and a downloadcode (including one bonus track)!

You should definitely try to get some tickets and see them live on Friday 26th of May at Kantine am Berghain!

Lodown is able to raffle 2 winning combinations:
1 tape + 1 guestlist spot for the Berlin concert : Just send an E-Mail to bug (at) with your name and contact (+ your favorite jazz record for bonus points). Good Luck!