A Major Minority


Mirus Gallery is pleased to present A Major Minority, a group exhibition of Othercontemporary urban artists from around the world curated by Poesia. The exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through September 8, 2017.

A Major Minority is an international exhibition consisting of urban artists from around the world. The concept and title of the show were developed by graffiti artist and curator, Poesia, who is also the editor of Graffuturism.com and the cultural instigator at the center of the growing interest in abstract, progressive and hybrid Graffiti art forms. This will be the 3rd installment of A Major Minority and a much more intimate exhibition than previous ones, which incorporated hundreds of works of art.

@poesiatranscend elected to exhibit this smaller quantity and particular group of artists in order to display a more condensed spectrum of progressive hybrid aesthetics within the #Othercontemporary Urban Art community. This intensive and extensive sampling of stylistic specimens illustrates a broad continuum of approaches and aesthetics that fall under the purview of this art form, without focusing on any one sub-genre exclusively.

Artists Exhibiting
Alex Kuznetsov (Belarus), Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles), Cain Caser (London), Carlos Mare (New York), Chad Hasagawa (San Francisco), Christopher Derek Bruno (Seattle), Demsky (Madrid), Gris 1 (Paris), Jan Kalab (Prague), Jaybo Monk (Berlin), Nomad (Berlin), Sabio Mazza (New York), Seikon (Warsaw), West Rubenstein (Los Angeles), Zeser (Los Angeles)