Man Yau


What does a sculptural artist today do to define an artistic value for himself or others? This is a question that sculptor Man Yau proposes to the public with a little twisted idea resulting in the project Semiprecious to attack your senses and perception of art.

"Contemporary art has a funny way of making things acceptable. Semiprecious started a year ago as a journey to question our concept of value. The result is here today: three sculptures, a book and bongs on sale at an auction house." she explains. These sculptures have a double meaning - you can use them in what they propose or just leave their semiotics aside and treat them as a sheer object of transcending beauty.

"These sculptures are luxurious bongs made entirely by handmade methods. The form deceives the function. I’ve spent countless hours sculpting marble and lifting porcelain casts. It has been interesting to experience the positive response to the sculptures when I talk about their fine materials and craftsmanship. Using gold has an elevating effect. No one seems to question the function. The underground camouflages itself to the auction house."

Man Yau even made a promotion video to sell her art to the luxury-obsessed crowd. See if it appeals to you and place a bid! 

words: mrk
process photos: jukka ovaskainen