Master Cards

Milen Till

At Galerie Crone Berlin 11. März bis 22. April 2023

Opening : 10. März 2023
19:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

Milen Till often deals with iconographic works of famous artists. He takes up their essential features, alienates them, contextualizes them, establishes intriguing connections, and gives them a new meaning. In doing so, he sometimes deliberately leads the viewer astray, sometimes right to the core of the alienated art icons. What he always succeeds in, however, is that he both ironizes and pays tribute to the works of his idols. He directs our gaze to the weight of meaning in fine art and at the same time imbues it with a sympathetic, surprising, tongue-in-cheek touch.

In his exhibition Master Cards, Till devotes himself to digesting, processing, alienating, and refining contemporary art history by means of postcards from museum stores. Over the past five years, he has amassed some 20,000 postcards of world-famous artworks during visits to museums around the globe. Paintings by Yves Klein, Jasper Johns, Gerhard Richter, and Sigmar Polke are among them, as are sculptures by Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder.

With meticulous boldness, he assembles the tens of thousands of art postcards into room-filling installations, energetic wall works, or small, sensitive marginal notes. They are linked with performative, interactive actions; in addition, each work in the exhibition is itself printed as a postcard. The original artwork-postcard is thus reduced to postcard format by means of Till’s technique of alienation and can be sent by the visitor. Overall, this floats the question of whether art is not merely a house of cards.

Milen Till was born in 1984 in Munich, where he lives and works today.

Crone Berlin I Fasanenstraße 29 I 10719 Berlin

11. März bis 22. April 2023

OPENING HOURS. Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 - 18:00