Mike Leavitt

King Cuts

Seattle-based artist Mike Leavitt is showing a collection of new work - starring his favourite directors from the film world.

Leavitt has earned the nickname ‘Remike’ because of his love of remaking people into satirical objects. A huge fan of art, and a huge fan of film, the “King Cuts“ collection sees 18 inch tall totem sculptures of famous directors merging in form with icons from their films. Levitt is fascinated by the process of physical drain directors go through when they create movies, and how they become one with their films.

Recent similar works include his famous 2016 Bernie Sanders action figure. The subjects on display include Kathryn Bigelow, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson and more.

“King Cuts“ will be on show in New York at Jonathan Levine Gallery (529 West 20th Street, Gallery II) until June 11, 2016.