Ruttkowski;68 Cologne

For the end of the year, Ruttkowski;68 is serving MIXED PICKLES 6. From painting to sculpture to installation and video art – this interdisciplinary show at the Michael Horbach Foundation will juxtapose differing artistic positions. As well as providing an overview of the gallery’s portfolio from its branches in Cologne and Paris – via pieces by Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Conny Maier, Erwin Wurm, Frédéric Platéus, Jårg Geismar, Kathryn Andrews, Lars Eidinger, Piet Parra, Fabian Treiber, and many more – the works of over twenty artists will also reflect the diverse spectrum of contemporary art production. Instead of a hierarchical evaluation of the works by the artist or curator, Mixed Pickles will focus on how the works affect the viewer – both via the observation of a single artwork and in the interplay of positions among themselves.

Adrian Falkner
Andreas Schmitten 
Andreas Schulze 
Antwan Horfee
Amy Hilton
Britta Thie 
Carlotta Bailly-Borg
Christian Rex van Minnen 
Charlotte Klobassa 
Conny Maier 
Daniel Weissbach 
Erwin Wurm
Fabian Treiber 
Frédéric Platéus 
Jan van de Weyer 
Jårg Geismar 
Jenny Brosinski
Kathryn Andrews 
Lars Eidinger 
Mark Jenkins
Mathias Weinfurter 
Mike Meiré 
Milen Till 
Monica Kim Garza 
Olaf Metzel 
Paa Joe 
Philip Emde 
Pierre Knop 
Piet Parra 
Rhys Lee 
Richie Culver 
Sophia Süssmilch 
Stefan Marx 
Stefan Strumbel 
Thomas Marecki 
Tom Król 
Opening reception: Sunday, December 15th 2019, 2-6pm
Location: Michael Horbach Foundation | Wormser Str. 23, 50677 Cologne 
Opening Hours: Thursday-Sunday 12pm-4pm
Closing: Sunday, January 12th 2020
curated by Ruttkowski;68