Mixtape Monday

dirty beaches - playlist du tour

When “Badlands“ - this superbly executed pastiche of lo-fi motorcycle lonerism, quintessential Lynchian americana and Alan Vega’s darkest secrets - entered the scene from seemingly out of nowhere around two years ago, you could immediately hear that Alex Zhang Hungtai is an artist that doesn’t only know how to build evocative moods, but who has a very specific musical vision based on an elaborate system of values and references.

Two scores, a fantastic Françoise Hardy cover and a handful of equally celebrated 7"s and split-EPs later, he came out of character with a new double album by the name of “Drifters/Love Is The Devil“ last spring, which upped the ante by adding a whole new layer of intensity to his music. Alex’s sophomore album as Dirty Beaches is a highly personal affair that’s as far away from any kind of untouchable crooner image as possible. Instead it shows an artist going through hell and back while he is dealing with heartbreak, loss and deracination.

Alex is basically touring the world since late spring, so obviously he didn’t find the time to send us a skillfully blended mix, but an oldschool playlist - which features ace ambient tracks, drum heavy experiments and then some more - instead. If this superb selection already hints at what to expect from Dirty Beaches musically in 2014, we can’t wait to see this year finally turn.

Check the tracklist and mix below.

01. Invisible Path : escaped into the mist
02. Adelbert Von Deyen : timemachine
03. Terry Riley : lifespan III, slow melody in bhairavi
04. Alston Neal : being far away
05. Bourbonese Qualk : miramar
06. Drums Of Death : atokwe 1
07. Esplendor Geometrico : introspección
08. Acid Arab : theme
09. Cut Hands : black mamba
10. Terry Riley : lifespan VI, delay
11. Anton Batagov : dus-kyi khor-lo - circle of time

Cover image taken by Alex in Margate, England while touring the UK in late November 2013.