Monday Mixtape


In a year like this, evaluating music that’s clearly designed for a comprehensive collective experience under the mirrorball is a quite challenging one for obvious reasons. Taking sound design, sonics and composition as the dominating factors of your valuation standard though, could actually help to separate the musical wheat from the chaff, so to speak. And the most recent EP of Pyrame - the moniker of a Berlin-based artist with a strong backstory as a Physicist - surely belongs to the remarkable ones.

Introducing itself on a predominantly laid-back level between 101BPM and 113BPM, “The Pace of Everything That Lives“ curiously enough isn’t too interested in delivering the latest entry to the increasing community of pitched down disco-afficionados, but offers a unique blend that mixes elements of synth-pop, new wave and the darker side of dancefloor to impressive effect.

Gaining momentum fast, a second EP of remixes will also be released with the likes of Local Suicide, Radial Gaze, Days of Being Wild and Skelesys jumping in the mix. As Pyrame’s label grows and inspirations multiply, he is definitely one to watch in Berlin’s electronic scene.

The Pace of Everything That Lives / EP / Thisbe Recordings