MONDAY MIXTAPE: andré pahl


Sometimes it takes a while. Well, it did. André Pahl was on my wish list for years, literally. But inbetween his gigs, festival invitations, tons of mix requests and his day job as designer and programmer and a serious – in terms of really serious – love of music it was hard to get him crafting one for us. He’s not the type of guy who’s like „Yeah, sure, it's finished already.“, and then push the button and glue some tunes together for an hour. Not for him. And that’s why I had him on my list. Because you’ll get something special. You hear that his mixes aren’t something he’s doing inbetween doing the dishes and answering mails. He takes his time, planing the route, not going direct, planing stops where no one has been, taking turns nobody would, being a perfectionist. I’m willing to wait. Worth the wait, we got what we wanted. A serious two hour journey of gems hard to get a hand on, hard to pin down into genres. Whatever you’re about to do, wherever you’re going to go, no matter where your journey is taking you - this mix is with you and it’s already there and behind you, sunrise, sunset, future, present, past. And reverse. In l∞p.

André, based in Berlin, is known for his Safari mixes — pitched down cinematic journeys through uncharted seas, forbidden deserts and distant galaxies, his sound tends to oscillate between psychedelic trips, experimental disco and voodoo percussion, exploring the slowed-down heartbeat of danceable music.

He had a rendez-vous with Mexico City’s lunatic music scene while living there for some years, co-running the label “Nuevos Ricos” and starting to DJ in shady neighbourhood street parties and art happenings inside jammed subway stations.

Listening to André Pahl’s sets is like being compelled to push yourself inside a forest even though you know it'll be dangerous — head first, then the whole body, submerged deep into a strange jungle world, partly solid, partly made of shimmering liquids, yourself becoming liquid. And while you do and ask „What’s that sound?“, figuring out that there’s no playlist for this one, there’s just some honors by André:

„Thanks and respect to all artists in this mix: Bear Bones, Lay Low ~ Black Seed ~ Chris Styles ~ Cloud Dance ~ Crystal Thoughts ~ Dodo ~ Dubtrak ~ Eva Marisaldi & Enrico Serotti ~ El Praah ~ Genesis P-Orridge ~ Haruomi Hosono ~ Houschyar ~ Indus ~ Interim ~ Jimmy Smack ~ Kreidler ~ La Journée Des Grand Bruler ~ Lol ~ Mami Koyama ~ Matthias Raue ~ Minimal Man ~ MKS ~ Niew Hip Stilen ~ Om ~ Psychic TV ~ Reymour ~ Ron Boots ~ Sand ~ Stanya ~ Steven Brown ~ Tross ~ Windsor Riley ~ ZO5 Aura“

We can’t even tell you how much we love this one. And it’s definetely not because we were waiting for so long, but it’s probably the reason why we did.



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