Monday Mixtape: Cannibal Ink


Today we’ve got an unbelievably sticky contribution by these three madrileños better known as Cannibal Ink. Formerly known as Voodoo Corporation, Antonio Canca & Andres Navarrete joined Guillermo Iraola in search for those sounds that had frequented their neurons during last years: EBM, Synth pop, new wave, industrial and electronic are the palette that make up their musical DNA. With just only a bunch of remixes and releases on CursesOmbra label, Nein and the recently released amazing Samarkanda EP on Rotten City, with remixes of Mushrooms Project and Zombies in Miami, they instantly caused some fuss on the floors. We heard there’s an album coming up with collaborations of the likes of Emperor Machine, Somerville & Wilson, Curses, Dawad, Freudenthal and many more, so it’s time to get cannibalized in 2018.

Enjoy your meal!