In 2000 Eskimo Recordings was created and named after the “Eskimo parties” in Ghent, where synth-pop, new wave, acid house, funk and rock ‘n’ roll got mixed into a fresh and eclectic sound. A new thing back then. People wanted to re-live these parties at home, and so the label was born. ‘Indie dance’ in all its forms and colours truly reflects the eclectic nature of the label. Disco, house, balearic, cosmic, electro pop and everything in between. Timeless and quality have always been key words for Eskimo over the years. Our current roster includes Satin Jackets, NTEIBINT, Cavego, Paresse, Antenna, Middle Sky Boom, Aili and Transistorcake. Our recent yearly crate-digger comps were curated by Prins Thomas, Psychemagik and Bill Brewster.

When looking back at 20 years there were quite a few highlights. Mixes from The Glimmers, Optimo, Rub N Tug, Prins Thomas and more. The debut albums of Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Aeroplane and Satin Jackets. Cosmic Balearic Beats. The Colour Collection series. Someone once said the music Eskimo brings forth into the world “all maintains a certain feeling without being beholden to any rigid formula”. Which is true, we have always approached the divide between electronic and indie music with a reckless abandon that suggests that there is no divide at all. That’s why I believe Eskimo holds a unique stake within the indie dance world, which makes Eskimo stand out, whether you’re listening to a collection of great music by new and talented artists, a compilation curated by a musical authority, full of hard to find music, a 12” club release or a radio friendly Nu Disco song that pleases lots of listeners on streaming platforms. It certainly never gets boring, or predictable. Some goes for our artwork, designed by Jason Marc Wood.

Over the years, we got to know a lot of people. We had the pleasure of working with the likes of Moscoman, Man Power, Ewan Pearson, Marvin & Guy, In Flagranti, Vinny Villbass, TSM, Simple Symmetry and many more. So I decided to do a mix for Lodown including some of my favourite tracks from them, and add two or three more tracks I really like. Unreleased remix at the end. Hope you like it.   




1. Kraftwerk - Radioactivity [Kling Klang]
2. Ольга Чиповская - Сафари (TSM Edit) [White]
3. Man Power - Skattejag [Eskimo Recordings]
4. Simple Symmetry - Exploding Toads Mystery [Disco Halal]
5. Moscoman - Fernandez [Eskimo Recordings]
6. Vinny Villbass feat. Ost - Lust For Wrong [Eskimo Recordings]
7. In Flagranti - Personal Angst [Eskimo Recordings]
8. Marvin & Guy - Theme From Fire! Fire! [Permanent Vacation]
9. NTEIBINT feat. Σtella - Hide In (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Eskimo Recordings]
10. Kiwi - Daubenten's Bat [Disco Halal]
11. Eliezer & Rina - San Sebastian (Radial Gaze Remix) [Eskimo Recordings]



pic by Annelies Vanhove