I Am A Strange Surface

Seems like Bucharest is on the rise. Not only in terms of the thousands of people raging against a corrupt and unworldly government, but also its aspiring club and music scene which is more and more perceived internationally as Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh, Gemini Bros or the highly acclaimed Khidja (amongst others) are frequent globe travellers. Dar Adal, one of the newer ones, is a DJ who follows an unforeseeable algorithm when it comes to his music, playing an eclectic mixture of new sounds and genres ranging from Detroit techno or Chicago house to ghostly yet mesmerising psychedelic-infused tunes influenced by 80s’ synthetic disco. During his path in music, Dar Adal has shared the same scene with resonant names such as Lena Willikens, L-Vis 1990 or Borusiade, performed for local well renowned labels and event organizers like Rokolectiv, Color and Origami and for the scene in Lisbon, Budapest or Sofia. Although, his name became particularly visible being associated with the famous and infamous Queer Night parties, where his crispy beats blend into ecstatic spine snapping and mind twisting sets. Today for us - on a slightly darker tip.