Hardcore Holocaust

Our latest entry for the Monday Mixtape series comes from metal-maniac and Lodown fellow Richard ‘French’ Sayer. Originally from the garison town of Aldershot Hampshire, French is a freelance artist & illustrator currently based in London.

A great deal of the illustrations this guy has created has been strongly connected to the skateboard industry, as well as music (yep, mainly heavy metal), advertising, print, fashion and publishing. More recently he has been working as an art director and he curated a number of exhibitions, too. French also runs a skateboard company by the name of Witchcraft Hardware, currently selling in the UK, Europe, Skandinavia, Japan, Canada, Austria and New Zealand.

Listen to his personal selection of unholy metal mayhem below.


Bolt Thrower 'No Guts, No Glory'
Bulldozer 'Mad Man'
Disgorge 'Compost Devourment'
Sodom 'Conjuration'
Nuclear Hammer 'Blasphemous Command'
Doom 'Police Bastard'
Exhumed 'Open The Abscess'
Sanctum 'Scepter Of Pestilence'
Nihilist 'Morbid Devourment'
Sadistic Execution 'Mathematikus'
Inhume 'Sodomizing Encounter'
Waco Jesus 'A Butt Plug In Your Pussy My Fist Up Your Ass'
Tank 'Blood, Guts & Beer'
Venom 'Countess Bathory'