Ok, let’s face it: on the one hand there’s a million daily streams by DJs in their bedrooms or empty clubs - mostly somewhat strange without the interaction of a missing crowd, somethimes even awkward, sometimes entertaining because all of that.

On the other hand we all miss clubbing, the sweaty, exhausting but oddly satisfying experience of being a night away (or two), disconnecting from daily routines, escaping into sound and alternative realities, defragmentizing and resetting your harddrive while a selector, presenter and arranger of strange sounds is telling the night’s story, the voyage, being your tour guide. Me personally, I deeply miss it, desperately need it and when I heard HEAR’s latest release together with San Proper I couldn’t help but think of a monday afternoon at legendary Bar 25 about some 12 years ago. So we were like „gimme more of that! We need an hour or two of clubby escape even though we’re locked in our basements and offices.“ And we got it. Without the stream, the lousy visuals pretending to be „club“. Don’t need that as the mind is still doing his job properly.

HEAR is an unpredictable electronic music artist – DJ, producer, composer, label-owner of Naissance Musik with nearly two decades of DJ experience in escapist’s venues all over the globe. From various eclectic inspirations he creates his modern sound and a mood able to surprise and captivate any crowd. His first DJ-gig was at a family reunion, both his grandmothers – who hated each other – stood up from their wheel chairs and lost it on the dancefloor! Well, it's not exactly true - they don't hate each other... The whole thing with HEAR is that his music is made of unpredictable narratives.

HEAR has released a solo album on Archipel, singles, remixes and collaborative records with Move D, Wareika, San Proper, with Hakim Murphy as Dream Scoring, amongst several other artists. 

„This is an improvised mix during quarantine, digging through my record collection and getting inspired from my dancer girlfriend's moves.“

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