monday mixtape: hypnorex

from small beginnings

My first encounter with Hypnorex might have been about seven or eight years ago on some semi-illegal Berlin underground rave where attendants had to sneak through a tiny hole in the wall just to find themselves in the huge halls of an abandoned brewery. He was eating slices of pizza behind the decks, while he was throwing the probably most pumping techno set through the speakers that I ever heard. It literally shook the building. I remember the scene like this: basically none of the maybe about thousand people was able to stand still. None of them.

Some time later, already knowing each other a little through some weird internet forum, we got introduced by some friends and since then I know him as a very friendly, funny, cordial, critical and loyal person with a strong and wide spread musical taste, rooted in a punk, metal and desert rock background - he still has a soft spot for the rugged and distorted material of sweaty men and women from the jeans and leather posse. Knowing that, I asked him a while ago if he could think of doing a mix that’s going into this direction and he was fully on it leaving the realms and his home turf of techno behind, plugging the axes into the marshalls.

Most of the Hypnorex and Sportbrigade Sparwasser (his DJ tag team name) fans might be slightly confused by this one, as he’s known for - ah, I mentioned that in the introduction…

Mark, as his friends and family know him, started DJing in his home town Bremen in the last century, moved to Berlin at the beginning of this century and is spinning wherever it takes him, which most likely is about every club in Berlin and spots all around the globe. 

But please don’t blame it on us if he now gets booked at Wacken, Hammerfest, Fuck Yeah Fest or Monsters of Rock. Plug in, distort, throw limbs. And heads. Now.




01 Some Bells From Hell

02 Cyesm - Trouble

03 Parc Hotel - Forest

04 Motorpsycho - Psychonaut

05 Monster Magnet - Look To Your Orb For The Warning

06 Karma To Burn - Thirty Four

07 Girls Against Boys - Kill The Sex Player

08 Shellac - Dog And Pony Show

09 Primus - John The Fisherman

10 Supernova Chile - Chewbacca

11 Kyuss - El Rodeo

12 Eagles Of Death Metal - Flames Go Higher

13 Fugazi - Life And Limb

14 The Noise Figures - Don't Throw Your Hand

15 Sonic Youth - Thereas Soundworld

16 Fink - Pilgrim