Jorkes, a project by Max and Jorgo, a Vienna-Munich joint venture that started 2015 and also runs the label Freeride Millennium together with Daniel Rajcsanyi (who also did the mix cover). They have a bi-monthly residency in Romantica in Stuttgart and occasionally play parties in Vienna. Freeride Millennium just released their third opus together with Hard Ton with remixes by Jackmate, his alias Soulphiction and one by Massimiliano Pagliara and it’s definetly worth to check out on their bandcamp site.

Jorgo, who recorded this smoothy for us, says: „This vinyl only bedroom mix is a memento to the day(s) after an MDMA-high, an ode to the warmth after the warmth, so to say. The moment when the sun sets while laying in bed, the warmth of another person, its body, a feeling of womb, intimacy. The fake of the high finally becomes real in a romantic moment as the sensuality of the upcoming night sits on the horizon, the highlight of the night is the beginning of dusk. Andreas Vollenweider (featured) is this moment’s professional in my honest opinion and many will agree on that one (we at lodown do). It’s like the drag queen who’s laying the first brush on her lips, crackling. The playlist is spontaneous (willing to answer in the comments, if someone’s interested).“

We say thanks for this soothing mix for a great indian summer day (and hopefully week).

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