Monday Mixtape: KRENG

"able but lazy"

For this week’s quarantine monday (how comfty: weather makes it easy for us to stay inside - it’s snowing in Berlin! Hey!) we got an unpredictable hour from KRENG with the wonderful name „Able But Lazy“. KRENG is Dane Close, known for releases on Power Station or Duca Bianco and Don’t DJ, responsible for numerous productions on Emotional Response, Berceuse Heroique or Wisdom Teeth, just to name a few. They tied up as KRENG for the newest Sameheads release „Zeug!“ (out April 10th), which comes along with the typical Sameheads style artwork, all analogue no photoshop. Alice in Wonderland 4.0 wormhole-Neukölln version.

Since all of us need a little distraction now, we grilled them a bit:


1. You're isolated for the next 3 months, with only 1 piece of music to listen to, what would it be?

Don’t Dj (DD): John Cage - As Slow As Possible

Dane Close (DC): Tango in the night by Fleetwood Mac. Or the Immaculate Collection by Madonna. Something pop for sure. 


2. And which luxury item would like to have above all others?

DD: Paul McCarthy’s Santa Claus for the garden

DC: A nice ashtray. Possibly Versace


3. Is the current situation a catastrophe for the world, or an opportunity?

DD: Both obviously. For musicians who make their living from giging it is a disaster! Yet in a bizarre situation like this the structure of society has to adapt a new configuration. Those moments are always favourable as they open up opportunities for change.

DC: An opportunity. It's possible that we fuck it up and make it into a catastrophe, but hopefully not. 


4. When did you form KRENG?, and have you been able to work on anything during the current crisis?

DD: Someone had to and no one else was. So far we were working only on the mix - those always take more time than you expect.

DC: Sometime last year after a handful of fun discussions about music and life. Yeah, this mix and the track “Version Version” on the new compilation.


5. This is the 3rd Sameheads compilation they've released, what's your relationship with the project?

DD: They gave me a sticker once! I always appreciate that!

DC: Together with my partner, as Balance Crew, we released a track called Flam! on the first compilation. Collaborations and compilations seem to have aligned for me……………..

6. Any tips for making a little bit of extra cash during this period...?

DD: Buy DISK records from band camp and try to sell them expensive on discogs!

DC: Sell your records. or buy our records and flip them to Discogs cruisers. 


7. If you could make a dystopian sci-fi movie about the current situation, what would be its title?

DD: Voluntary House-arrest

DC: 2020 Death System


8. Are music producers a particularly vulnerable group at this time?

DD: Not all but in general: yes! most of us don’t make any money from streaming services or even record sales, the income was solely based on gigging which broke off completely..

DC: No more so than any other self employed person. 


9. Could people live without human contact more than they could live without the internet?

DD: Nope.

DC: People can live better without the internet. We would like to hope so anyway. 





01 Laibach - B Mashina

02 ANAΣΤΕΝΑΡΙΑ (Vatican Shadow Version)

03 Melly - Low Pressure

04 Ghost Exits - Cincinatti Riot Blues

05 The Missing Brazilians - Meander

06 Kunlun - Time 2

07 EMF  - Unbelievable (funk mix)

08 Blume Attempt - Everything is not Ok

09 African Head Charge - My God

10 Jha - Simas Okas

11 François X - Slave No Slave (Bambounou Reshape)

12 Poperttelli - Complex Beings

13 Konduku - Sonsuz Rüzgar

14 RAMZi - OO

15 Rex Kirby meets Becky D. at Studio Geordie! - Only U

16 Jon Beige - Palo Santo

17 Design A Wave - Telephone



Zeug! Is released by Sameheads on April 10th

presale and release info here


Photoshoot Credits

Artwork by CROSSLUCID - @crosslucid

Hair by ATTILA KENYERES - @attila.kenyeres

Make-up by SARAH HARTGENS -  @sarahhartgens

Mask in collaboration with VLK BERLIN - 

with the omnipresent help of RAKI FERNANDEZ - @dressedbyraki