Sturm Blond Columbo

Liesa is one of the few Berlin DJs that mix the unconditional dark, murky, trippy, eclectic and discoid stuff with bits of acid, oriental and cosmic here and there, which is au contraire to the omnipresent tech-house drabness in her home turf Berlin. Unfazed, humble and with left-hand ease she’s creating waves, and as a brave captain, a moxy navigator she’s sailing them, may it be the Berlin clubs or her well curated Hamam Nights in Augsburg she's doing together with Sedef Adasi.

If you’re still a bit tired from your weekend listen to this bitchslap of a mix and you’ll be awake for the rest of the week.



At the moment she’s working together with Grizzly as GrizzLiesa, so keep an eye and ear on her via