Monday Mixtape: LVN

Purple Hill

Tbilisi, Georgia seems to be the city du jour right now when it comes to clubbing. Its vibrant scene and clubs like Bassiani, Spacehall, Mtkvarze, Vitamin, Café Gallery/ Didi Gallery, Hubble among others and outdoor venues like Mzesumira’s Ezo getting world wide recognition. So we thought before everyone is booking flights and the citiy is getting its tourist burnout we’ll feature one of Tbilisi’s locals: LVN. We don’t know much about him, except he’s been listening to electronic music since his early years, started DJing at the Café Gallery and is regularily playing his hometown’s venues. We also know that his mix includes a good bunch of records we liked this summer. And still do.

1 Roby J - Crossed Movements (L.O.M. Extended Version) [Life of Marvin]

2 Simple Symmetry - Voodoo Your Ex (DJ Tennis Remix) [Disco Halal]

3 Phunkadelica - Intergalactico  [Engrave Ltd]

4 Marvin & Guy - Juba Dance [Correspondant]

5 Rebolledo - Pow Pow (Fango Remix)[Hippie Dance]

6 Marvin & Guy - Arpadia [Life And Death]

7 Rebolledo - Discótico Pléxico (Maceo Plex Remix) [Hippie Dance]

8 Red Axes – Earth Core [Correspondant]

9 Moscoman - Dévoué [Renate Schallplatten]

10 Superpitcher - Howl [Hippie Dance]


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